Everyone wants a good workout partner..., or a nice companion for our casual outings..., right? But not everyone is THAT LUCKY to find both !! Don't worry , We have got you covered .... Presenting to you , our KODNYA Joggers , They are made up of SUPER STRETCHABLE LYCRA Fabric , that ensures you to be the way you are, you can workout with these or you can just jump into it for a casual outing, they will never let you down. Happy Shopping ;)

Kodnya ND stretchable joggers and trackpants

₹1,099.00 Regular Price
₹299.00Sale Price
  • ** It keeps the sweat away from the body

     **Slim fit design keep you up with the new trend and fashion

    **Zips are attached to both the sides of the Joggers that stops accidental drops of your belongings